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Katie can find all those sore spots and work it all out. Her communication during the massage is just perfect; just enough to check in with you but lets you enjoy and soak in the massage work. The setting is also relaxing and along with Katie's therapeutic touch, you get the best of both worlds... working out of your stress and muscular issues and relaxation!

Clint H.

Vancouver, WA

I've been working with Katie for a couple of months and she is absolutely wonderful. I work a very intensive and time consuming job, and she is always willing to accomodate my schedule. I have chronic pain and arthritis, so regular massage therapy is a great way for me to control my pain and keep my flexibility up. I think I will have a long relationship with her in managing my body and life.

Megan P.

Vancouver, WA

Omg amazing! Katie really does apply pressure, haven't been able to find that anywhere! It was wonderful! Highly recommended. I'm definitely going to be a regular client.

Andrey M.

Vancouver, WA

By far the best massage I have had, and by Katie Maas. She is very polite and professional as well, I would highly recommend. I came in for a relaxation massage but was surprised with the pressure she applied - very consistent and really works into your knots. If you didn't know you had any, she can find them and go straight to work! :)

Kim B.

Washougal, WA